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Lifestyle Merchandising

Our staging techniques go beyond de-cluttering, de-personalizing and making a space look pretty to appeal to the widest range of buyers. We offer a smarter, more informed level of staging, where research is incorporated to understand the target buyers. Traditional staging often creates neutralized staging installations that do not draw buyers in as effectively. We all buy with emotions and buying a home is no different. Our job is to create marketing plans that emotionally connect home buyers to a house, along with selling a space we are selling a lifestyle!

In order to connect most effectively with buyers the staging needs to target the most likely buyers. We use Target Staging and Lifestyle Merchandising. We set up a Buyer’s Profile, which includes information not just about demographics, but also about psycho-graphics of the most likely buyers. Once the buyer’s profile is completed, they create a dazzling staging installation that appeals to these buyers. Every piece of furniture, rug, artwork, lighting and décor item is carefully selected as each item sends both a conscious and an unconscious message giving us the opportunity to emotionally connect with the buyers. With every staging design, we are telling a story with a specific person in mind, giving the buyers a lifestyle experience, a dream they aspire to. Our intent is to get home buyers excited when visiting and we want them to walk away with “I want this house!” Not just, “This is nice!” Our staging is strategic Target Marketing with Lifestyle Merchandising!